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What Our Customers Think!

Here at the boatyard we can tell you we are great until we are blue in the face, but if you need some help making the choice to use our services or buy our products please check out what our customers think and then give us a call!

"Abersoch Boatyard Services offer an incredibly friendly efficient service and I cannot recommend them highly enough- heroes one and all!"

Bear Grylls - Explorer and all round nice guy!

Dear Tim.

Finding a seller on the other side of the planet that took time to answer my many questions prior to purchase of an RC Laser and subsequent to that speedily taking care of a couple of problems was indeed was very fortunate for me. You truly take customer service to a very high-level.

I would recommend Abersoch Boatyard Services to anyone in Australia that is looking for an RC Laser. The total cost  including door to door airfreight was considerably less than what it would have been from an Australian supplier. Also the total time for door to door delivery was as good as and maybe better than delivery by a regular road freight company from a supplier in Australia.

My only regret is that I am unable to take you down to your "local" and buy you a pint of the best. Perhaps one day.

Best regards,

Graham Mathews,
Brisbane, Australia


"The Pork and Lettuce service, (Park and Launch elsewhere) from Abersoch Boatyard Services is the best around, simple as that. My wife and I have used other yards and this one is by far the best around.

The guys seem to make the effort to know all their customers personally and also understand that everyones boat is their pride and joy! They also will always go the extra yard if you ask nicely and I don't believe you can ask for more than that.

If you are looking for Pork and Lettuce then look no further..."

Mr and Mrs Snell, Cheshire

Park & Launch Customers


"We only live in Conwy, but enjoy boating in Abersoch. Tim and his team have always looked after our boat well and have often gone above and beyond to help us out"

Mr & Mrs Williams, Conwy

Park & Launch Customers


"I swapped boatyards over 2 seasons ago after meeting Tim at Abersoch Boatyard Services.  I instantly became very relaxed about being a customer in the first few minutes.  Some of the questions asked were very genuine but very relevant, for example, you arrive down in Abersoch for weekends and holidays, we will take the hassle away, we will totally look after the boat and trailer so all you need to do is turn up and boat, simple as that!!  This was music to my ears as it is 100% correct, and that is what i would have thought most people are after!! 

I find the total boat management great, you actually feel very confident that the boat is well maintained and serviced as per the dealer recommendations.  The trailer gets the TLC that is also required and you just pay a fixed amount every massive costs upfront, or additinal costs for storage and wrap up at then end of the season. 
Tim also has a good bunch of helpful lads ready to get you in and out of the water. Huw and Nicko are great and certainly try not to keep you waiting either to get out or get in off the water.......We will normally call into the boatyard 10 mins or so before we are ready and 9 out of ten times they are waiting on the beach with your trailer!! 
My only concern was going to be the tides and not being able to safely leave the car ( especially without having to pay for an all day ticket)  To be honest you really do not get any problems here at all, if the tide is in all we do is leave the cars on the slipway and once the tide is low enough they drive your cars into the boatyard for you.....what could be easier!?!?!? 

Getting launched as well is no real problem with the tides, sometime if the tide is well in they even just drop you straight into the river giving you clear instructions for your passage out.
I honestly cannot fault the services of Abersoch Boat Yard Services, and would have no hesitation to recommend them to anyone!!  They do exactly what they say they do , they take the hassle of boating away for you and focus on making sure you arrive and enjoy!!!"
Darren M Bennet

Total Boat Management Customer



Thanks for the update, the parcel arrived just before midday.  Great service, and many thanks for the 'extras' you will definitely get repeat orders from me and hopefully from fellow club members."

Many thanks


RC Laser Customer


Hi Tim,

It was great seeing you today, learning more about the RC lasers and the improvements that you make to the boats for sale.  I am so pleased with the refurbished one that I purchased from you and it has been out already this evening.  I must say how impressed I am with the boat.  I have a very little sailing experience and had no problem controlling the laser.  She tacks really well and is so precise on the rudder.  Running downwind it was very easy to hold the course and there were no nasty surprises!  I wish this had been my first boat, it would have made learning much much easier. 

At the end of the evening, as the wind dropped, I changed to the "A" sail and good some good speed, tacking very cleanly.  The sound of the hull running in the water during these maneuvers was glorious, I never imagined a model boat could sound so good.  It will take me a while to get reliable speed but I shall enjoy the challenge and may be out racing later in the year.

I will send some pictures when I get the kids involved - that may not be long!

G Cooke

RC Laser Customer


Hello Tim,

Thanks for the compliments in your race report and no mention of disaster man!!

Thanks for sorting out my main sheet setup, much appreciated.

Thanks for putting all the effort into our little club. You make a big difference!

Cheers, Tim.

Tim Little, RC Laser Customer



What fantastic service!  Delivery man's just got me out of bed at 8.15 - great to be retired. 

Many thanks.  Will pass your web to the rest of our group

Best wishes


RC Laser Customer




Latest News

22nd April 2021 - Well that was great. We saw around 40 boats on the water for our first week of Park & Launch in Abersoch. Blue skies were the order of the day and although it was quite chilly on the water it was great to see so many smiling faces return to the yard. We are now working on getting the rest of the boats ready for Mayday weekend, the first Abersoch Banky of the year! Hopefully the weather will play ball.

31st March 2021 - We reckon you'll be boating in Abersoch before too long. We are hoping to open our Park and Launch service in Abersoch on the 12th April 2021......we'll see you there for beers and boating!


11th March 2021 - When? Well we'd like to be open again from the 12th April which would be lovely. Whatever happens we will unfortunatley miss Easter 2021 due to lack of guidance from the Welsh First Minister and the stay local message which will be in place in England. We will be getting boats ready for the season over the next month so that as soon as you guys get the green light to be here we will be ready with boats and tractors to get you on the water. In the meantime, stay safe.