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Dragonforce 65 @ Abersoch Boatyard Services Ltd


We have known about this little yacht for some time now and it has been eagerly anticipated both in the UK market and also worldwide as a great introduction to radio sailing with a boat that fits straight into a recognised class.

Production Dragon Force with Graphite A Rig - Photo Buzz Coleman

Dragonforce 65 - Background

Some years ago Mike Weston of RC Yachts took a look at the UK radio sailing market and decided that everything was a little bit out of reach for the average person who just wanted to try the sport.

With new IOM on the water prices ranging from around £1700 to around £3000 for one of the latest competitive setups Mike started to dream of a small boat that would fit into a class and be a more affordable entry into the sport of radio sailing.

He teamed up with designer Mark Dicks and between them they tweaked Marks "Ice" design to suit mass production. Then came the input of John Tushingham who worked out the rigs and other important design features and late last year some prototypes arrived in the UK just in time for the MYA AGM.

I was privilaged enough to be invited out to the Nuremburg toy fair in February 2013 to take a look at the final prototypes and meet the manufacturers who are building this great little RG65 yacht.There were a few items that needed sorting out and the manufacturers were keen to listen to the changes that needed to be made and with that we were left with a delivery date of "sometime in May"

Dragon Force at the Nuremburg Toy Fair

That sometime has now been and gone and there are now more than 500 boats out there sailing around on lakes and ponds all over the country. The class is growing in popularity and is proving to be a great entry into the sport for the novice skipper who doesn't want to spend a fortune or end up with an uncompetetive boat.

This was demonstrated at the recent (September 2013) RG65 Nationals where there was an entry of 22 boats with around half being DF65's. The winner of the DF Nationals (sailed as part of the RG Nationals) was John Tushingham who gave the much more expensive boats a run for their money and he placed 5th overall in the regatta which is no mean feat.

Photo - Buzz Coleman

Dragonforce 65 - Features

The idea is very simple, a one design class that fits into an already established class. The Dragon Force has been designed around Mark Dick's "Ice" design which has been successful in RG65 racing, it features a unique central "cassette" that houses the keel, mast and other important parts which just slots into the hull and provides great stiffness. The keel itself is made from an Aluminium extrusion and has a detachable bulb with the rudder being blow moulded.

The deck layout is pretty standard stuff with sheeting points and other important parts already fitted.

The electronics are mounted below deck and feature a simple 2 channel layout with winch and rudder servo. The batteries fit neatly next to the mast in a seperate compartment and the radio gear is a very neat and compact 2.4GHz set, so no need for fiddly crystals.

The rig is a full area A rig in line with the RG65 class rules and features a shroudless rig with compression strut on the boom, outhaul, downhaul and all other necessary sail controls needed to tune the rig for maximum performance.

There will be two smaller rigs that will conform to the RG65 class rules and should allow sailing in most conditions. There will also be a full spares package available including all the major, and minor, parts should you need to replace any of them.

The kit will come complete in a single box with building instructions which should see the boat going from box to water in about 2 - 3 hours.

Simple Deck Layout - Photo Buzz Coleman

Dragonforce 65- Performance

The hull design is good, the rig is good and the all up weight is around 1200g which isn't too bad. Whilst it won't compete with the carbon thoroughbreds in light winds it should stand a good chance as the beeze increases.

Project leader Mike Weston sailed one of the very first production boats in the UK at the recent RG65 Open at Keighley and the boat performed well throughout the weekend with only a few minor issues and scoring a third in one of the races.

A good looking boat - Photo Buzz Coleman

Dragonforce 65 - Sailing

Need convincing that the Dragon Force RG65 will perform, check out this video below from one of the design team, John Tushingham which features one of the prototypes sailing at Weecher Reservoir.

Click here for John's Video

We have found another video on the internet which shows a Dragon Force RG65 sailing against two "Seawind" yachts, which are larger and more expensive but as you'll see the Dragonforce yacht is much quicker as it has many more tuning controls than the other two yachts.

Clicky here for the video

Dragonforce 65 - Pricing

The boat is available from any Ripmax stockist and full retail is £165.00, however we can offer the boat at a great pricepoint of £150.00. All you'll need then is a set of rechargables and you'll be away!

If you want to race at a national event like we did you'll need a few extra rigs and sails, these cost between £53 and £65 each and you might want to change your radio set which will cost from £50.00.

A full run down of the extras you might want or need is listed on our parts page.

If you would like to preorder one of the Dragon Force RG 65 Yachts then please drop Tim and email or give him a call on 01758 713900

Dragonforce 65 - Spares & Support

As with all new products there needs to be a spares and support network and whilst you'll be able to buy the Dragonforce yacht in a good number of model shops in the country they might not be able to offer you the backup of spares and parts as you decide to progress your Dragonforce RG65 sailing experience.

This is where we will stand head and shoulders above your average local model shop as we will be offering the full range of spares and accessories for the Dragon Force RG65 yacht. From a sheeting pulley to a smaller rig we'll be able to supply them all. Most of the items are now in UK stock so can be delivered to you in quick smart fashion.

Another great reason to buy the new Joysway Dragon Force RG65 from Abersoch Boatyard Services!

Dragon Force as supplied - Photo Joysway.

Dragon Force Kit as supplied.


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