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Bear Grylls Sealegs Rib

We were asked back in February to commission a new boat for Bear which was to be supplied from New Zealand and fitted with a new Yamaha F115 Outboard.

The boat arrived late on in April and after some faff we offloaded the boat from its shipping container, brought it to the yard and fitted her out.

The Sealegs provides a unique solution to Bears problem of getting people and kit on and off St Tudwals West Island as it is equipped with a patented hydraulic three wheel drive system which allows the user to self launch and recover the boat from any suitable launch site.

The boat has been completed and commissioned now so we went out for a watertest on Thursday afternoon and it was a little surreal driving into the water with the boat and just carrying on! We saw some dolphins too which is always a nice sight when you are out boating.

Bear will be down in the near future to take delivery of his new boat and we are sure he'll enjoy the freedom it will afford him and his guests when he is in the area.

Here are a few pictures of how the build happened.

Boat in a box.

How to get the boat out of the box??

Boat out of the box!

Boat in the shed

Mounting the Yamaha F115

A good day for a water test

At the island

Someone is doing some fishing!

The finished boat

Not many people have done that in a boat!


Running in two Yam 300's

A good day for running engines in, although it was a little cold!

Huw Hughes making fine adjustments to the set up.





Latest News

31st May 2018

Busy busy busy, we're still here getting on with it, been a bit busy to do any updates on the website recently. Some seriuosly good boating weather over the last 2 weeks, today is flat but it might rain....

9th May 2018

Well that was a blast! Banky was a great success, Saturday never really came good but Sunday and Monday were classic Abersoch boating days. Weather is back to normal now with some showers and general greyness the order of the day.

1st May 2018

Bank Holiday weekend incoming and it looks like there might be some great prospects for boating over the three day weekend. If you have asked for your boat to be ready, then it is ready to go when you're ready. See you at the weekend!

18th April 2018

Heatwave!....nope, not here. Apparently it will get better as the day goes on but currently it is still windy, grey and a little bit showery. As for the heat....well I'm not sure we'll see that at all, we might get to the high teens but I'd be surprised if we hit the 20's. Still, it looks like Friday and Saturday could be boating days, so get down here and get on with it!

9th April 2018

Great day yesterday, some people even went boating, they came back smiling. You could do the same again today, it's lovely now the sun has come out.

7th April 2018

No boating today, it is a little bit damp, however tomorrow, Sunday, looks like an altogether better day. Boating? well you could if you were here!

4th April 2018

Suns out, water is flat enough, time to go boating if you are here but get down early as the weather looks like it might go off this afternoon.

3rd April 2018

So we are back in the world of websites once more and will hopefully be able to keep you all a little more up to date with what we are getting up to here at the yard. Nothing groundbreaking for 2018, the yard is still the same, the staff are still the same, it's another fun year at the if only the weather would play ball and it would stop raining.