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Online Shop - For all the DF and RC Laser goodies that we stock

Soch Sails - For info about all the Radio Sailing goodies that we produce

RC Laser Stuff

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RC Laser info

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RC Laser Spec

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Spares, Parts & Accessories

Braid Upgrade Kit Instructions

RC Laser gallery

DF Stuff

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Dragonforce 65

Soch Sails

Hull & Deck Stickers

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Dragonforce 65 Instruction Manual

We have decided to "Facebook" it up and have started a page for our Model Yacht Division, sounds grand but it's just a facebook page. Clicky the magic "F" to take a look.

RC Lasers @ Abersoch Boatyard Services Ltd

We have seen a number of RC Lasers pop up in the Abersoch area, and Tim has had a keen interest in model yachts for many years, so it seemed logical that we should get involved.

Tim bought a second hand RC Laser and has been racing with the emerging Abersoch fleet since early December 2011 as well as racing his RC Laser all over the UK in 2012 with some success including 3rd in the National TT series as well as best newcomer. He has also placed well in the ND Summer series and was 3rd in the ND Championships in October 2012.


Boats, Parts & Accessories

We are currently able to supply a wide range of parts and accessories to complement your RC Laser, as well as being able to supply the boat itself.

We have put together rig kits that allow you to purchase everything you need to have a full A, C or D rig to suit your conditions without having to worry that you've missed something out. We also rig the kits before they leave our workshops so we know you'll be able to use them straight away without fiddly construction time.

Likewise if you need spares, from a switch cover to a new hull we can usually supply items from stock so as to keep your off the water time to a minimum. We try to keep stock of all the main boat parts that are likely to go wrong, however if there is something more obscure that you require then please give Tim a call or drop him an email and we'll endeavour to help you out.

Full RC Laser boat packages are available, but due to supply there is usually a week or two lead time, so if you know you want a boat order it early! We do try and keep a couple of boats in stock and we have links to second hand boats too.

The basic package comes with a fully set up boat and B rig with a blue RC Laser carry bag and 2.4ghz radio gear, which has revolutionised the world of RC hobbies in recent years.

All you need is a set of batteries and you are away.

We can also offer packages with the A, C & D rigs included, so your RC Laser is pretty well set up for most conditions.

We also offer a cost effective and reliable battery and charger setup for your RC Laser. We have used the same setup in our boats and it has proved trouble free for nearly 12 months.

Check back for more updates.

In the meantime check out some of our recent sailing pictures below.

And this is what happens when you get it wrong!!

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Latest News

7th June 2017

So we have just come out of a bonkers busy couple of weeks here at the yard, the weather was pretty good for the late may bank holiday weekend and the following half term week, lots of boating was done and lots of happy customers used the yard. Talking of the yard we've deposited 80ish tons of nice clean gravel in all those areas that needed it and we now have a nice clean and tidy yard.

We've also spent a bit of time helping one of our customers get his boat over to Portugal by putting it in the back of a truck with the help of the guys down at Idealboat in Pwllheli and their monster forklift. The weather wasn't great, in fact it was terrible, but we did it.

26th April 2017

Bank Holiday Incoming! Without actually doing a Timcast it looks like the Early birds on Saturday will get some boating in, Sunday looks like a windy pub day and Monday looks reasonable at the moment. It looks mainly dry for the duration which is good news.

21st April 2017

Happy New Season! Yet again we've been super busy with everything apart from the website, hopefully we are now able to find a little more time to make regular updates to the site during the coming season which got underway in late March. The Yard is once again full for the 2017 season with a mix of old and new customers. Here's hoping we have a great boating season and who knows there might even be a Timcast or two! Tim is back at the yard full time and you can call him on 01758 713900 or email him.

Contacting us is as easy as mailing Tim or calling the yard on 01758 713900