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RC Laser Race Report


26th February 2012

Our last meeting at Bryn Cethin until October.

Members Present:

Tim Little

Tim Long

Paul Proctor

John Sproston

Jim Cooke

Malcolm Blackburn

A great end to a super winter series.

Tim Long arrived on scene at about 08.45 to launch "The Chief" and grab a bit of extra sailing time on our last morning at Bryn Cethin for a few months. Paul, Malcolm and Tim Little arrived just after 09.30 and rigged up with an A rig.

Tim Long had made some calculations using a slightly unorthadox race scoring system and presented the participants with the facts. First and second place in the series had been decided, however third backwards was anybodies for the taking.

A course was laid using quite a bit of the lake, and in the light but suitable breeze we began racing for the day. With the above series information in mind Malcom was keen to race as many races as possible to try and make up some places so a little before 10.00 we started the first race.

I haven't tried to sail my Laser to a good start whilst trying to count down the start sequence and I take my hat off to Brian who has done this for most of the series, because it really isn't an easy thing to do. I had my worst 10 starts of the series today and we must make a cd or something so we can all start properly every time.

After a couple of weeks away in India, Malcolm made an excellent start in the first race and led from gun to gun, which means that Mike had looked after his boat well in his absense. Tim Long was second followed by t'other Tim and Paul.

A second race was run with a similar result except Tim Long and Malcolm swapped places.

Shortly after 10.15 Jim and John arrived and as they began to rig up we all saw Jim shooting back off up the hill as if he were missing a vital piece of kit. It turns out that an open backed Land Rover, whilst ideal for muddy dogs and bags of coal, isn't ideal for an RC Laser A rig, unless it is tied down. Jim's wasn't. It was found some time later outside Malcolms house in the road!

Jim managed to join us for the third race which saw Macolm taking another bullet, Paul finished second Tim Long third, t'other Tim fourth and Jim fifth, his rig obviously paying him back for being left on the road!

The fourth race saw Tim Little take the win sailing from the jetty side of the pond followed by Tim Long, Malcolm, Paul, Jim and John, who did well all morning to keep up with the fleet even though he sailed a B rig.

Race five saw a return to form for Tim Long, with Malcolm second followed by t'other Tim, Paul, John and Jim.

The wind was mostly light through the morning, with some of the races being held in near becalmed conditions and others, towards the end of the morning being held in conditions slightly more suited to the B rig.

Coffee was drunk, most of it was Da'd up with a drop (?!) of whiskey, but Malcolms attention quickly turned to racing as many races as possible in the allotted time so race number six got underway.

Malcolm duly won in determined fashion followed by Tim Long, Paul, t'other Tim, John and Jim.

Races seven to ten saw Tim Long dominate the course taking bullets in all four races with Malcolm taking three seconds and a third in race ten, Paul saw fourth, two thirds and a fourth in the final race. Tim Little scored a third in race seven, he didn't start race eight due to a battery issue and came back with a fifth and a second to finish the series. Jim lent his boat to a visitor for races seven and eight and scored a fourth and fifth in the final two. John scored a 4, 5, 6 and missed the last race.

So there it was, done!

Thanks should be extended to Bryn Cethins owners who have shown great faith in us to allow us access to such a wonderful facility over the winter, it will be greatly missed but we hope you will allow us to return later in the year. Many thanks to Mr & Mrs Eyton-Jones, we hope you enjoyed the gifts!

Also thanks to John who made the initial approach to the site owners, without your input and willingness to get involved none of the winter series would have taken place at all, thank you.

More thanks should go to the good ladies who have supported their menfolk throughout the winter series, we may yet recruit you all as cheerleaders for next winter.

And finally thanks to everyone who has turned up over the series, skippers and visitors alike. We have had over 12 different skippers over the course of the series and we hope to see more for the next series. Obviously we need to find a venue first......any suggestions!

After the racing had finished and marks had been recovered we all retired to SCYC in search of a pint or three. We were met by our aforementioned good ladies and much natter was had along with a trip to the Vaynol for a lovely Sunday lunch, some more drinks and natter, then a trip to Zinc for a sharpener before the gathering went it's seperate ways. A really nice way to end our series.

The results are posted here because the table is too big to fit here. I haven't taken into account any discards however if it makes you feel better deduct 20 points from your score!


19th February 2012

Bryn Cethin Winter Series, Meeting 5

Members Present:

Paul Proctor

Tim Little

Mike Crummy

Brian Holland

Jim Cooke

Tim Long

John Sproston

David Blackburn

A bright, spring like day with a challenging breeze.

We were greeted at the pond this morning by a lovely breeze from the usual end of the pond. It was the sort of breeze that was consistent enough to set a good olympic course, knowing that it wouldn't change.

Marks were laid and more people turned up, giving us eight boats on the water, which we reckon is the best turnout yet. Boats were rigged with the A sail and the first of seven races commenced.

Tim Long made a good start and avoided collisions at the startline and led from gun to finish. David sailed a good race after a couple of weekends away and crossed the line second followed by Paul, Brian, Tim Little and Jim. Mike didn't make the finish due to an unforseen mainsheet issue which was quickly rectified for race 2.

The second race was held with everyone changing down to the B rig, which made controlling the boat somewhat easier. It was much like the first race, in that Tim Long led the way, but the battle for second was between Brian, Tim Little and David, with the race finishing in that order with Paul in fifth as the only other finisher due to Jim and Mike "making love" in a boat sense you understand, this caused the Kenwood Chief to be pressed into action to rescue the two boats.

The third race saw Tim Long over the line at the gun so round the end he went and somehow more love was made with Jim as the rest of the fleet streaked off to the first mark. Paul had taken an early lead followed by Brian and they kept well out of trouble and finished in that order. Tim Long found himself with a good sized task and began to pick off the fleet one by one and by the end of the race he came over the line in a very creditable third place followed by David, Tim Little and John.

Paul then left us, having to pack up to leave for a weeks work, leaving seven of us to race on in the increasingly gusty breeze. Race four saw a determined Tim Long leading the way round the course followed by Tim Little, Brian, Jim, Mike and David. There was much confusion for many skippers at the leeward mark as the gusts came through and caused havoc.

Race five followed a familiar pattern with Brian second, Mike posting a great third followed by Tim Little, Jim David and John. The breeze had caused some issues on the first beat of this race as it completely dropped out towards the mark, leaving a large gap behind the first three skippers.

The sixth race again saw a regular winner followed by Tim Little, Brain who seemed to have got the measure of the gusty conditions, Mike, Jim, David and John.

In an unprecedented move we decided to have another race, taking the days total to a record seven races. Tim Long made another early start which left him on the back foot up the first beat with Brian in the lead. Towards the wing mark Tim Long took the lead after recovering well from his earlier error. David sailed an excellent race to take third with Tim Little, Jim, Mike and John completing the placings. So the battle for first was now as hot as a hot thing on a hot day with Brian and Tim Long covering and re covering each other all the way to the finish which ended with Brian taking a well deserved win by a small margin from Tim Long.

A great mornings sailing which tested our skippers in a number of ways. It was nice to have some consistent breeze through all the races, if a little gusty at times! The standard of racing has again shown that the fleet continues to improve with skippers who've been away for a week or two still able to place well. Mike is picking up the sticks well and placed his best result so far in race five, congratulations.

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12th February 2012

Bryn Cethin Winter Series, Meeting 4

Members Present:

Brian Holland

Paul Proctor

Tim Long

Nick Thistleton




A technically challenging day today with less than no wind at times.

A course was laid which gave us a number of options due to the ever changing wind direction. We laid 4 marks in a rectangle to give us a windward, leeward course which could be switched 180 degrees if needs be.

With so little breeze everything happened in slow motion today and the start to race 1 saw everyone cross the line cleanly with Tim leading the way up the beat followed by Brian, Paul, Nick and Mike. At the windward mark Tim was well ahead and was followed over the line by Nick, Paul, Brian and Mike.

The frustrating conditions persisted into race 2 as again Tim led the fleet off the line followed up the beat by Nick who had good speed but was sailing lower than Tim and Paul. Brain meanwhile had misjudged the start and, with a lack of glasses, managed to sail round the wrong end of the start line and had to re round. Tim sailed into one of the many holes on the course and was overhauled by Nick, who then did the same. Tim recovered well and took the bullet followed by Brian, who sailed a solid race after his starting incident, Paul, who made another third, Nick, who spent a lot of time getting out of that hole and Phil, who had his first taste of RC Laser racing, albeit in super slow motion!

Race 3 was held quickly as the wind appeared to have filled in slightly and there were actual ripples on the water. Most of the fleet made good starts, however Nick found himself stuck with no wind and Tim, Brian and Paul finished the race before Nick made it to the windward mark. Mike had swapped back to sailing boat number four and he made a good fourth place.

Once Nick arrived back, and with the wind(!?) still there it was decided to run the fourth race immediately. At the gun the whole fleet crossed the line almost as one in the best start to a race we have had. Tim was at the favoured end of the line, took full advantage and finished first, followed by Nick who made good speed round the course, Paul who made another third, Brian who had seemingly had a mare and Phil in his second RC Laser race.

A break was then taken where all manner of topics were covered, from bee keeping to re cycling, all over a cup of hot brown provided by Paul. Nick had to leave us to honour family commitments, and it seems he made the right choice!

Boats were re launched and despite the promise of some breeze, all four boats spent the next 20 minutes eithe going backwards or making their aquaintance with the scenery around the outskirts of the pond. In the end, being as no one could actually get to the startline, racing was abandoned. The Kenwood Chief was tasked with recovering the boats and marks, after which it was recovered and we all went our seperate ways.

A testing and at times frustrating day, where the key learing point was, "keep the boat moving!"

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5th February 2012

Bryn Cethin Winter Series, Meeting 3

Members Present:

Tim Long

Brian Holland

Paul Proctor

Jim Cooke

Nick Thistleton

Malcolm Blackburn

A great turnout this morning at the pond, with six boats and a total of nine skippers today!

Tim, Brian, Malcolm and Paul arrived early doors and "The Kenwood Chief" was launched and the new set of beach ball marks was deployed into the briney to form an olympic course as usual. With very little wind it was difficult to be decisive about the exact positions for the marks and consequently there was rather a large bias to one end of the start line and the windward mark could be almost laid in one go.

With everyone on the water the first race was called and in light breeze Tim led the fleet up the first beat, only to be scuppered by a lack of breeze at the first round of the windward mark where he was overtaken by Brian who led the rest of the race to take the first win of the day. He was followed over the line by Tim and Nick, who didn't seem like he'd been away for the first two meetings and had made a good fist of the conditions. Jim was in fourth with Malcolm and Paul seemingly having lost the knack of sailing after a week off the sticks.

The second race was held in similar conditions and Tim made a good start and led from start to finish, however the battle for second between Malcolm and Brian was as good a battle as you are ever likely to see, with each covering the others moves up and down the course. It ended with Malcolm taking the second place and Brian the third followed by Paul, Nick's Grandson and Jim.

The third race was the closest yet, with everyone making a good start off the line, Tim found himself at fault on the beat as he ran into Brian, but turns were made and the race continued to be close all the way round both laps. In the end Malcolm took the first place followed home by Tim, Paul, Brian, Nick and Jim.

Coffee was then drunk as two of our other visitors were given the opportunity to sail Tim and Brian's boats, which they both seemed to get the hang of quickly and enjoy. Tuning was discussed, coffee was drunk, provided by Paul. As always, many thanks to the catering department for the warm coffee, it's much appreciated!

The fleet racing to the leeward gate

For the fourth race the course was moved with the help of "The Chief", Tim and Nick's Grandson. It gave a much better beat and less bias on the startline, so we are learning! The race itself went the way of Tim, and he was followed home by Paul, Malcolm, Brian, Nick and Jim in a pretty unremarkable race.

Tim then offered his controls to one of the visitors, who raced No.430 in the fifth race of the day. After providing the starting sequence Tim seemed to enjoy watching the boats sail the course, whilst keeping a close eye on the racing. Paul made a good start and led the way, followed by Brian who took second from Jim, who had his best result of the day in third with Nick and Malcolm coming in fourth and fifth.

Concentration at the windward mark

For the last race of the day, the other visitor took the controls of No.430 and enjoyed a good race. Unlike the rest of the fleet who after the first mark rounding seemed to be rather closer than was perhaps healthy. Tim was walking back to the other side of the pond and saw Paul scrambling down the bank to rescue his boat which had ended up there, along with two other boats which had also "made love" to the bank after becoming entangled somehow! Malcolm meanwhile had avoided all of the chaos and finished the race a full leg ahead of the fleet, much to his delight! Brain recovered to second, Paul to third with Jim, the visitor and Nick completing the fleet.

Again another superb days sailing with four different skippers taking a bullet. Conditions at times were "testing" and good sail trim was key to good results today. Hopefully all our visitors enjoyed the racing too. Tides next week are good, but not until Friday really, but Tim will email you all and keep you up to speed with what time we might be sailing.

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29th January 2012

Bryn Cethin Winter Series, Meeting 2

Members Present:

Tim Long

Jim Cooke

Brian Holland

Malcolm Blackburn

There are two words that perfectly sum up todays weather, cold and wet, both in equal measure. We were a little short on numbers this morning owing to each members differing commitments. Some of us are overseas enjoying some winter sun, others are off at reunions leaving four of us to brave the elements and conduct some racing.

We had a few new items to play with this morning, the first being "The Kenwood Chief" our new mark laying / rescue boat which proved its worth today. Brian and Tim were first on scene to lay marks at 9am, the wind was light and much like a couple of weeks ago was from the opposite end of the pond to normal. A new mark had been made by Tim which involved some string, a beach ball and some sticky backed plastic, all very "Blue Peter" I'm sure you'll agree.

Being two feet in diameter it was decided that the beachball mark should be the distant one, and Tim duly motored about in "The Chief" and laid an olympic type course, complete with an inner and outer distance mark for the startline which also acted as a gate for the leeward mark. There was a wing mark, however it was laid too far from the bank to actually make a reaching leg, but it added to the course so all was well!

Five races took place, the first couple followed a familiar pattern and were won by Tim, with Malcolm, Brian and Jim following on behind in race one and Brian and Jim in second and third in the second race after Malcolm had made a detour into "The sneaky weeds" which trapped his boat and called for "The Kenwood Chief's" first and only rescue of the day.

For the third race the wind had got up somewhat and everyone flattened their rigs off a bit. On the startline Tim was looking at making a fantastic start, however he hugged the pin end a bit too closely and some love was made to the riser rope which trapped him there until the fleet had sailed off with Malcolm and Jim looking very quick.

Malcolm took the first place, Tim recovered well to take second from Jim in third with Brian completing the fleet.

Race four was held in similar conditions, and it was probably the closest race we have had with some excellent close quarters sailing. Brian made a good start with Malcolm in hot pursuit, but Tim had hit someone on the start and completed his turn before carying on in last place behind Jim up the beat. Tim overhauled Jim and then set off after Malcolm and caught him down the last leg, literally, it appeared that Malcolm's boom had become attached to Tim's and the race ended with Tim dragging Malcolm's boat over the finish line. An unusual end to the race!

It ended, Brian, Tim, Malcolm, Jim.

It was quickly decided that a fifth race was an option despite the conditions. Tim made the best of the start and led from gun to gun followed by the battling pair of Malcolm and Brian who were level on the days results up to this point. There was a close battle, which was eventually won by Malcolm with Brian in third and Jim completeing the fleet.

Marks were retrieved, boats put away, coffe drunk and the rescue boat was recovered and stashed in the boat compound.

All in all a great mornings racing despite the numbers and the weather conspiring to prove otherwise. The fleet is definitely improving, I think that everyone led a race at some point today which is very encouraging. It has also proved that Tim Long is not as bullet proof as he looks!!

The table below has up to date results.

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22nd January 2012

Bryn Cethin Winter Series, Meeting 1

Members Present:

Brian Holland

David Blackburn

John Sproston

Tim Little

Jim Cooke

Paul Proctor

Tim Long

We were greeted by a brisk breeze at the pond this morning for the first races in the Bryn Cethin Winter Series. 7 skippers turned out and 6 rigged their C rigs for some free sailing, whilst Tim Long wanted to try his D rig which he hasn't yet used. The conclusion, after some very serious testing with Paul was that the D was much happier upwind, was better in the gusts downwind but lost out an awful lot when it wasn't gusty on the run.

Marks were laid using a new technique, which with some refining will work well, and we set about the countdown to the first race. A good clean start was had by all with new skipper David Blackburn leading us all towards the first mark, followed by the two Tims. At the first mark David decided it would be more exciting to explore the bank and was passed by the two Tims and Paul.

Tim Long pulled out an unasailable lead and won followed over the line by Tim Little with Paul taking the third step on the podium.

The gusty conditions persisted for the second race of the day in which the windward mark was moved to a more favourable (?) location further from the bank, but with it's own set of underwater hazards.

Tim Little was first round the windward mark and set off at pace down the course with Tim Long in hot pursuit, at the leeward mark all hell broke loose as both Tims were hit by a "squall" which left Tim Little in the bank, where he would stay and Tim Long with another good lead.

The battle for second place was an epic struggle to the windward mark for Paul and Brian and the honours for second were taken by Brian with Paul in another solid third place.

There was then a short interlude where coffee (da) was drunk and boat tuning was discussed.

The third race was run in similar conditions, although it was clear the breeze was dropping slightly, but everyone agreed that the C rig was still the one to set. At the start Tim Long was followed by Tim Little and they enjoyed some very close racing, until another gust at the leeward mark put Tim Little on the back foot as he was passed by Tim Long onto the beat.

Tim Little hung on to second for the rest of the race and was followed over the line by Brian who sailed a good solid race having had a few weeks away.

It was decided that a fourth race was to be held, although John didn't take part due to a battery issue. The wind had dropped significantly and Tim Little took the descision to change to a B rig so we all followed.

On the startline Tim Long suffered an "entanglement" with David, but all was sorted soon after and a good start was made by all. Tim Long led the way, but with a decreased margin, and Paul was snapping at his heels up the final beat, but a lucky lift kept Tim ahead and allowed him to chalk up four bullets for the day.

Paul made it home in a good second place followed by Tim Little, Brian and David.

The results sheet is posted below which will be updated each week.

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15th January 2012

Bryn Cethin Lake

Members Present:-

Tim Little

Paul Proctor

Nick Thistleton

Jim Cooke

John Sproston

Tim Long

It was a chilly but bright morning that greeted us at the pond today with the wind 180 degrees round from where it usually comes from blowing straight down the lake giving us a nice beat.

A course was laid with a semi Olympic feel to it with a beat from the start, a reach to the wing mark just off the jetty then back up to the windward mark, run down to the leeward mark followed by a fetch to the finish just off the jetty.

Race 1 - At the gun Tim Little found himself with good speed over the line and well clear of everyone in some clean air. The rest of the fleet made good starts too, however Tim Long, feeling the effects of a friends all day wedding celebration on Saturday found himself in a bit of a pickle at the wrong end of the line on the wrong tack making little progress.

By the end of the race Tim Little crossed the line first followed by a recovering Tim Long, with Paul Proctor taking the final step on the podium.

Race 2 - At the gun it was again Tim Little who made the best of the gusty startline followed by Tim Long who had found his feet somewhat and made a better start and by the first mark it looked like Tim Little was on for another win with a reasonable lead over the rest of the fleet, however after the next reach and a beat back up to the windward mark, Tim had been caught by t'other Tim and things were starting to look interesting.

On the long run down to the leeward mark Tim Little performed an interesting move and ran aground on the far bank leaving the door open for Tim Long to streak past and take the win. Tim Little's incident on the run wasn't the only one, and the fight for what was now second place was hotting up between Paul and Nick. No one really saw what happened however Nick made a similar move to Tim Little and ended up in the reeds. Paul's boat was seen close to the incident, and he came over the line to take second followed by Jim who was slightly worse for wear after celebrating his birthday on Saturday.

Race 3 - The start for this race was nailed by Tim Long who trucked over the line at full tilt and in clean air didn't look back and led from start to finish. Tim Little followed Tim Long, closely at times, for the whole race to take an excellent second place followed by Paul who ended the day with a solid run of podium finishes.

The fleet as a whole continues to learn and improve, with today providing the most consistant breeze we have sailed in to date. It was gusty at times and the descision to go with B rigs made good sense. John Sproston had a good three races completing the course in all three races in only his second outing with his new boat.

I don't think that there is a lot of sailing planned for this week so I guess our next meeting will be Sunday 22nd January back at Bryn Cethin.

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12th January 2012

Abersoch Outer Harbour....& Beyond!

Members Present:-

Malcolm Blackburn

David Blackburn

Paul Proctor

Tim Little

Nick Thistleton

Tim Long

Not a bad turnout for a Thursday morning sail. It was our intention to sail on the tide in the inner harbour, however with a front coming over and some intermittant drizzle, the wind was flukey and gusty to say the least.

After we had all arrived and got our boats on the water we had a bit of free sailing time in which most of us drifted around the inner harbour grumbling about the wind direction, the drizzle and various other Thursday morning things!

The descision was then made to migrate to the outer harbour where, with less obstructions there would be a better breeze. Initially not so, however after a short time the front passed leaving us with some nice breeze, if not a little gusty and it was decided that we'd have a race or two.

Even with the breeze as it was, coming from the NW it was difficult to set a meaningful course, however it was decided that we'd set ourselves up on the breakwater and sail from there.

The startline was a downwind one with a broad reach to the leeward mark, which is a tractor marker, then a beat (ish) to the windward mark, to a wing mark just off the breakwater.

The start sequence was initiated and at the gun Tim Long had flown through the line after picking up a gust 10 seconds before the start and sailed off towards the leeward mark with the rest of the fleet in hot pursuit. The leeward mark rounding again proved to be an interesting affair, with 5 of the six skippers trying to round it alsmost at the same time, leading to some interesting outcomes. Several of the boats made it round, and several found themselves sailing towards the next town, Pwllheli, some 7 miles distant.

Some time later with everyone round the first mark and back in control, Tim Long had caught up the stragglers and lapped them.

The race ended with Tim Long in 1st place followed by Malcolm Blackburn and Tim Little, I think!

The second race was held in even gustier conditions and again Tim Long made a good start and lead from gun to gun having completed a few more laps than everyone else. I have no idea who was second, it could have been Tim Little, but no one is entirely sure, and Malcolm made it over the line for the last step on the podium.

No disasters today, which is no bad thing as we had no rescue boat and we were actually sailing on the open sea with some fair gusts, quite a bit of tide at times and also some monster swell, which if you scale it all up would have put us slap bang in the middle of the Southern Ocean I think!

Special mentions go to David Blackburn, our newest skipper who enjoyed his second ever sail in some testing conditions, picking up the hang of the boat and its controls very quickly to complete at least one lap in both races, congratulations. The other special mention goes to Tim Little, who avoided contact with nearly everyone today. A good result.

In honesty I think we all agreed after coming off the water that we would have been better in C rigs rather than being pushed in the B rig, however, we are a young fleet and we are learning quickly.

Next meeting is at Bryn Cethin Lake at 10am on Sunday 15th January, where there will be a number of A rigs to be delivered to the fleet.

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8th January 2012

Bryn Cethin Lake

Members Present:-

Malcolm Blackburn

Paul Proctor

Nick Thistleton

Tim “ The Destroyer” Little

Tim "Boatyard" Long

John Sproston

Jim Cooke

Having seemed to have avoided the worst of the weather the fleet rigged up with all but Tim Long setting the B rig. Some free sailing time was then enjoyed as rigs were tuned for the light conditions. Marks were laid to form a triangular course with the leeward mark quite close in to the bank on the far side of the pond, which would cause some issues later on!!

It was decided that the start line would be the longest in RC Laser history in that it was the whole width of the pond! At the gun Malcolm made his now customary excellent start and led the fleet round the windward mark followed by Paul & Tim (boatyard) with Tim (The Destroyer) in hot pursuit.

Tim (boatyard) overhauled Paul over the next couple of legs but couldn’t reel in Malcolm despite setting an A rig. Malcolm crossed the line first with Tim (boatyard) and Paul taking the other slots on the podium.

Tim (boatyard) decided to drop to the B rig to make things a little more even for race 2 of the day. If anything the wind had increased slightly so it seemed sensible! Malcolm was again first over the start followed by a gaggle of other boats including Paul, Nick & Jim. The two Tim’s had been involved in a pre start incident which had left both of them floundering behind the fleet. The first mark was an epic contest in that everyone was trying to round it at the same time. Malcom rounded first, followed by Paul, Jim and a recovering Tim (boatyard) Malcolm became entangled with t’other Tim on the way to the wing mark and somehow Tim (boatyard) made it past everyone and into the lead where he would stay until the finish.

Behind there was a tussle for most of the rest of the race which resulted in Malcolm recovering well to finish second and Paul made another solid third.

Race 3 saw similar winds and at the gun Jim made an excellent start and was second round the first mark with Malcolm leading and Paul third. Jim pleased with his start quickly, in his own words, “Ran out of concentration” and was overtaken by Tim (boatyard) who then overhauled both Paul and then Malcolm to take the win.

A few noteworthy mentions for the day go to Nick, who consistently provided amusement at the wing mark by crashing into the sign at the edge of the pond, and John who for his first proper sail got the hang of the boat very quickly and made it round the course in all three races.

There was a fourth race in which there were four competitors, Paul, Malcolm, Nick and Tim (boatyard). Tim very kindly offered his A rig to the fleet and Paul duly took up the offer and was quite shocked at just what a difference it makes to the boat in lighter conditions.

At the start Malcolm was again first away, however Nick’s boat had developed a mind of it’s own and was merrily sailing off into the wild blue yonder. Paul overhauled Malcolm and took the lead closely followed by Tim who with his younger eyes judged the leeward mark better than Paul and took the lead up the beat. With the wind dropping towards the windward mark it was a tricky beat however Tim held on to his lead and was followed over the line by Paul.

So, what of Malcolm and Nick. Up the final beat Malcolm had developed a similar problem to Nick and had no steerage. When both boats were recovered it was discovered that boat batteries were to blame on both counts. Malcolm has learnt that his rechargables need recharging after each meeting, and Nick has discovered that 6 meetings on one set of boat batteries really is the limit!!

Batteries, always make sure they are charged before setting sail!

An enjoyable morning was had by all, with a few spectators to boot.

Our next meeting is on the 12 th January at the Boatyard. High tide is at 09:44 so please aim to be at the yard for just after 09:00 for coffee and rigging for a first start at around 09:30.

Tim (boatyard)

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Latest News

22nd April 2021 - Well that was great. We saw around 40 boats on the water for our first week of Park & Launch in Abersoch. Blue skies were the order of the day and although it was quite chilly on the water it was great to see so many smiling faces return to the yard. We are now working on getting the rest of the boats ready for Mayday weekend, the first Abersoch Banky of the year! Hopefully the weather will play ball.

31st March 2021 - We reckon you'll be boating in Abersoch before too long. We are hoping to open our Park and Launch service in Abersoch on the 12th April 2021......we'll see you there for beers and boating!


11th March 2021 - When? Well we'd like to be open again from the 12th April which would be lovely. Whatever happens we will unfortunatley miss Easter 2021 due to lack of guidance from the Welsh First Minister and the stay local message which will be in place in England. We will be getting boats ready for the season over the next month so that as soon as you guys get the green light to be here we will be ready with boats and tractors to get you on the water. In the meantime, stay safe.