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Online Shop - For all the DF and RC Laser goodies that we stock

Soch Sails - For info about all the Radio Sailing goodies that we produce

RC Laser Stuff

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RC Laser info

Why choose an RC Laser

RC Laser Spec

Buy an RC Laser

Spares, Parts & Accessories

Braid Upgrade Kit Instructions

RC Laser gallery

DF Stuff

The links below have not been updated for some time and any pricing info will not be correct. To purchase our DF products please check out our online shop

Dragonforce 65

Soch Sails

Hull & Deck Stickers

Dragonforce 65 Spares, Parts & Accessories

Dragonforce 65 Hints & Tips

Dragonforce 65 Gallery

Dragonforce 65 Instruction Manual

We have decided to "Facebook" it up and have started a page for our Model Yacht Division, sounds grand but it's just a facebook page. Clicky the magic "F" to take a look.

RC Laser Spares, Parts & Accessories

We are able to supply all the necessary spare parts and accessories to keep your RC Laser on the water, although in truth there isn't a lot that can go wrong.

If your electrics are waterproofed well you shouldn't have any issue with these, the rudder servo now has Karbonite gearing which is more shock resistant should you hit any underwater objects.

Rudders are sometimes lost, pot lids sometimes blow away when left on the ground, keel wing nuts have been known to fail if "high launching" is used often, the sheeting line stetches over time, but generally once you've purchased a boat and all the bits you want there is very little ongoing maintenance required to keep the boat running well.

Below is our latest pricelist which is effective from 11th March 2013 until further notice. We aim to have everything on the list in stock at all times.

Postage and packing costs are kept to a minimum.

Not quite sure you'll get good service from such a new supplier, click here to see what our customers think, then give us a call!

Boats & Parts Update - 15th October 2016

We have moved our spares list to our online shop which has somewhat superceded the list here. please check out

for more details

Rig kits come complete with a mast, boom, slides and all cordage, they are rigged at our boatyard so you will have no trouble or faff when it arrives with you.

*Battery pack is supplied with bec connector to plug straight into the standard boat. The charger is a balance charger and will allow charge and discharge cycles to be performed keeping your battery packs in tip top condition. It also charges a plethora of other types of battery packs including LiPo packs. There is also a digital display that gives you lots of useful charging info and the charger allows you to alter the charging current so as to slow charge or quick charge the batteries. We have been using both the battery packs and the charger for the last six months and haven't found fault with either. Well worth the investment to keep your RC Laser running smoothly!

Downhaul kit comprises of two slides and cordage.

A selection of RC Laser Spares

Deck Plan

Drawing showing the main components

There are many more parts available to keep your RC Laser on the water, we don't profess to stock them all, however if there is something a little more obscure that you require drop us a line and we'll do our best to help.

From individual keel parts to replacement telltales and stainless screws we can source it all!

Give Tim a call on 01758 713900 or drop him an email

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Latest News

22nd April 2021 - Well that was great. We saw around 40 boats on the water for our first week of Park & Launch in Abersoch. Blue skies were the order of the day and although it was quite chilly on the water it was great to see so many smiling faces return to the yard. We are now working on getting the rest of the boats ready for Mayday weekend, the first Abersoch Banky of the year! Hopefully the weather will play ball.

31st March 2021 - We reckon you'll be boating in Abersoch before too long. We are hoping to open our Park and Launch service in Abersoch on the 12th April 2021......we'll see you there for beers and boating!


11th March 2021 - When? Well we'd like to be open again from the 12th April which would be lovely. Whatever happens we will unfortunatley miss Easter 2021 due to lack of guidance from the Welsh First Minister and the stay local message which will be in place in England. We will be getting boats ready for the season over the next month so that as soon as you guys get the green light to be here we will be ready with boats and tractors to get you on the water. In the meantime, stay safe.