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RC Laser Stuff

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Park & Launch 2016

It is that time of year again when people start to think about putting their boats to bed for the wnter period again, but no matter the 2016 season is just around the corner. If you are thinking of buying a boat over the winter months and need some top quality Park & Launch in Abersoch then send us an email to

We have spent a lot of time over the last couple of years developing this side of our business to accomodate our customers both old and new.

Our emphasis is to get you on and off the water as quickly as possible and with a friendly and personal service so you can enjoy exploring the miles of spectacular coastline that we have.

Some of the local waters

We have a reliable fleet of Muir Hill tractors and top notch friendly drivers which we use for launching and recovery which are maintained to the highest standard (drivers included!)

Once you are ready to be launched we aim to have you in the water as quickly as possible so you can enjoy more time on the water.

When you are ready to come off the water at the end of the day, give the office a call and our expert drivers will recover you safely and quickly, meaning you can be in the queue for Manana or in Zinc with an apres boating pint without rushing around.

The 2016 season will be our 13th since we took over and since then we have nearly doubled the length of the boating season from being a four month affair to being nearly eight months of possible boating time. This year we will run from late March through until mid October. This means that if you are able to you could have 200 (ish) days on the water, which I'm sure you all would if you could!

We have a few spaces available for the 2016 season, both for park & launch and TBM, so for all of you guys who have boats in Pwllheli and do your boating in Abersoch, give us a call and see what we can do for you.

We know we can save you an hour round trip in the car and probably £30 worth of fuel each time you go out!

Even though on the face of it we might be more expensive we will almost certainly save you money over the course of a season and we'll almost guarantee you'll have a happier and hassle free season!

For more details on Park & Launch please give Tim a call on 01758 713900 or drop him an email

If you want an even more hassle free Park & Launch season, then take a look at our Total Boat Management page

Still need convincing, click here to see what our customers think of us!

We also offer a range of ancilliary services to complement our park and launch

  • Servicing

  • Winterisation

  • Winter storage
  • Trailer servicing

  • Valeting

  • Boat preparation

  • Transport

  • Other services available, please just ask!

Reliable Tractors

Reliable Staff

If you would like further information on anything boatyard related please either give us a call on 01758 713900 or email Tim.



Latest News

7th June 2017

So we have just come out of a bonkers busy couple of weeks here at the yard, the weather was pretty good for the late may bank holiday weekend and the following half term week, lots of boating was done and lots of happy customers used the yard. Talking of the yard we've deposited 80ish tons of nice clean gravel in all those areas that needed it and we now have a nice clean and tidy yard.

We've also spent a bit of time helping one of our customers get his boat over to Portugal by putting it in the back of a truck with the help of the guys down at Idealboat in Pwllheli and their monster forklift. The weather wasn't great, in fact it was terrible, but we did it.

26th April 2017

Bank Holiday Incoming! Without actually doing a Timcast it looks like the Early birds on Saturday will get some boating in, Sunday looks like a windy pub day and Monday looks reasonable at the moment. It looks mainly dry for the duration which is good news.

21st April 2017

Happy New Season! Yet again we've been super busy with everything apart from the website, hopefully we are now able to find a little more time to make regular updates to the site during the coming season which got underway in late March. The Yard is once again full for the 2017 season with a mix of old and new customers. Here's hoping we have a great boating season and who knows there might even be a Timcast or two! Tim is back at the yard full time and you can call him on 01758 713900 or email him.

Contacting us is as easy as mailing Tim or calling the yard on 01758 713900