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Dinghy Show 2012 Report

Set up day at any boatshow is always a chaotic experience and the dinghy show was no exception for the majority of exhibitors. The MYA however packed more boats onto its stand than other people could only dream of with a total of 12 boats on show.

There was something for everyone on this years stand, from the fantastic footy class yachts right through to Roger Stollerys beautifully built Marblehead which looks superb draped in swathes of carbon fibre.

The stand layout has been simplified from previous years with the use of simple "pop up" display stands which meant that the backdrop for the stand was erected in less than ten minutes. The boats were then arranged around the outside of the stand leaving a large area for people to come on to the stand and look around. Mike Weston arrived with a table and a television and duly played Micro Magic videos for most of the weekend!

The MYA Dinghy Show stand ready go!

With a core team of four people on the stand both days and a band of helpers each day the stand was very well staffed, allowing plenty of time to chat to stand visitors in depth. As soon as the doors opened on Saturday morning the stand began to buzz with a mix of people, some interested in the "production" boats such as the RC Laser and the Micro Magic, some interested in the more established MYA classes but most were there to chat to Roger who is just a complete mine of information which, as most of you will know, he is more than happy to share with everyone he meets.

With twelve boats to look at there were always plenty of people on the stand which kept all the helpers busy throughout the day, with Roger taking care of the majority of the technical enquiries and Mike Weston and Tim Long fielding specialist questions about the Micro Magic and RC Laser this allowed the helpers plenty of time to wander round the show looking at the exhibits.

Sunday was a pretty miserable day weather wise which may have put a few people off travelling to the show and it definitely had a quieter feel to it. Having said that there were still plenty of busy spells on the stand, and at times we could have done with double the space to cope with the visitors!

By the end of Sunday the stand had dealt with a fantsatic number of people, many who showed a genuine interest in becoming involved in radio sailing. Many thanks to all the people who helped on the stand over the weekend, your time and effort was much appreciated.

The boats on the stand were as follows.

Clockwork Orange - Roger Stollerys 1971 design complete with revolutionary wing mast.

Crazy Tube Free - Roger Stollerys updated Marblehead design with a beautifully built swing rig.

Ska - A fantasticly well planked wooden version of the Brad Gibson designed IOM.

2 x Bottle Boats.

5 x Footys of various designs including Roger Stollerys Supabug and Icey designs.

Micro Magic - Supplied in racing trim by Mike Weston.

RC Laser - Supplied in racing A rig trim by Tim Long


Latest News

31st May 2018

Busy busy busy, we're still here getting on with it, been a bit busy to do any updates on the website recently. Some seriuosly good boating weather over the last 2 weeks, today is flat but it might rain....

9th May 2018

Well that was a blast! Banky was a great success, Saturday never really came good but Sunday and Monday were classic Abersoch boating days. Weather is back to normal now with some showers and general greyness the order of the day.

1st May 2018

Bank Holiday weekend incoming and it looks like there might be some great prospects for boating over the three day weekend. If you have asked for your boat to be ready, then it is ready to go when you're ready. See you at the weekend!

18th April 2018

Heatwave!....nope, not here. Apparently it will get better as the day goes on but currently it is still windy, grey and a little bit showery. As for the heat....well I'm not sure we'll see that at all, we might get to the high teens but I'd be surprised if we hit the 20's. Still, it looks like Friday and Saturday could be boating days, so get down here and get on with it!

9th April 2018

Great day yesterday, some people even went boating, they came back smiling. You could do the same again today, it's lovely now the sun has come out.

7th April 2018

No boating today, it is a little bit damp, however tomorrow, Sunday, looks like an altogether better day. Boating? well you could if you were here!

4th April 2018

Suns out, water is flat enough, time to go boating if you are here but get down early as the weather looks like it might go off this afternoon.

3rd April 2018

So we are back in the world of websites once more and will hopefully be able to keep you all a little more up to date with what we are getting up to here at the yard. Nothing groundbreaking for 2018, the yard is still the same, the staff are still the same, it's another fun year at the if only the weather would play ball and it would stop raining.